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Friday, July 25, 2014

Blog Candy Event !!!

Today I have something special to announce:

In conjunction with CS Designs, my Doodle Pieces  is having a Blog Candy Event with a chance to win some fabulous digital designs from the CS Designs online shop. For more information, a bit of fun and a chance to win something cool, click on the Badge below.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Challenge & Design Team Coordinator Call

The Recycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Invent Challenge blog will be re-opening soon and is looking for a Challenge Coordinator who would be in charge of planning and publishing challenges and special events as well as overseeing and organizing a Design Team. All challenges and events will be sponsored exclusively by the Digital Stamp Co, CS Designs. If interested in this position, please visit the following page for more information.

This call will remain open until the Coorinator postion is filled.

Note: A regular Design Team Call will follow after a Coordinator is chosen. If you are interested in being part of the Design Team please send me an email and I will send you a reminder when the Design Team Call opens so you can apply. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Art With No No Boundaries Ezine First Issue Reminder

For those of you who haven't already  checked it out, the first issue of the new Art With No Boundaries Ezine/Magazine is now on line. There is lots of great inspiration in the December issue, including some creative ways to use and get the most from your digital stamps and even some fun ornament projects and gift ideas to get you in the holiday spirit  

While you're there don't forget to have a look at the Interactive Zone, it's a place where you can personally interact with each issue of the magazine, show off some of your own art and maybe even win some fabulous pirzes.

You can check out the December Issue of the new Art With No Boundaries Ezine/Magazine,
by clicking Cover Art below

The following CS Designs Digital Stamp designs are being offered 
in the Interactive Zone of the Magazine this month.

  The Valentine Sentiment Digital Stamp Collection below is being offered as a prize on the
Come and add a link to your current project through the Inlinkz.

The Two Valentine Heart Designs 
below are being offered as prizes on the Cover Art page.


I look forward having you play along and seeing your Art. :) Chris / CS Designs 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank You for the Memories and Friendhsip

Today I would like to announce that both the Art With No Boundaries and Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent challenges are closing. I have had alot of fun with these and would like to thank all of you for the wonderful inspiration and friendship you have shared with us. Although this seems like it should be rather a sad occasion, it is actually a very happy and exciting one. Just like the caterpillar who turns into a beautiful butterfly and takes flight, our Art With No Boundaries is evolving into something new and we hope very wonderful. Starting next month Art With No Boundaries will become an online Magazine / Ezine for Papercrafters, and Collage and Mixed Media Artists. I have some great things planned for you and hope all of you will continue to follow and visit the new Ezine often. The Primer / First issue will go on line December 1st. You will be able to read more about this throughout the month on my personal Doodle Pieces Blog. The Ezine will be taking both project submissions and applications for Guest Artists and Contributors and hope you will consider sharing your art with us once again.

I am working on the current issue of our Ezine in private and there are no sneak peeks yet.

The Recycled, Re-Purposed & Re-Invent Entries for October: The Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent was a bit of a new idea for a challenge blog. It was also a bit of a leap of faith as I was not really sure what kind of response it would receive from Artists and Crafters around the web. It takes a rare kind of individual or Artist to be able to see junk and things that are usually thrown away as possible Art, yet this is exactly what we found through this blog. I have been constantly surprised, delighted and inspired by entries that never ceased to amaze me and I hope that all of you who joined in the challenges here will continue to look outside the box and see all the things around you in a different light. I hope you were also inspired here and I will continue to carry over this idea in the new Ezine. Like always the projects everyone shared with this month were all wonderful and I found it very hard to select just a few to showcase on our sidebar, so instead I have decided that everyone deserves this honor and I have posted the Inlinks widget with all the projects submitted to the last  challenge directly below so that everyone can continue to visit your blogs. Thank you for the memories and I look forward to many more with you and hope you will all join me in a new adventure. Thank you, you have all made this so much fun for me …

:) Chris

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Halloween And No Bones About It Week 4

Note: We are all enjoying this challenge so much that have extended
 the closing date to Halloween Night

Welcome to week 4 of our October/Halloween challenge at RRR. Our Bonus Round is called No Bones About It. For October/Halloween think fall colors, black cats, anything spooky, haunted and even Goth. For our No Bones About It Bonus Round, we want to see Bones. These may be real bones or faux bones and the only stipulation on faux bones is that they can not be printed pictures or made of paper. There are are so many wonderful possibilities for both these themes. We hope you will have lots of fun and look forward to being inspired by your creative genius.

Please Remember 
That anything you submit to our challenge must have at least one recycled item and in order to be eligible to be showcased on our side bar, you need to tell us what you recycled by mentioning it in your post.

Also Remember: To make it easier for the team to leave comments on your blogs we ask that you please turn off comment verification and add a translation feature on your blog if your post is not in English. For a Mini Tutorial  on how to turn off  Comment Verification look towards the bottom of our Challenge Rules.

Before we show you the fabulous examples by the Design Team we would like to thank everyone who played in our last challenge.

 Now for some fabulous examples by the Design Team

    Bonnie Irvine
 created an 8x8" altered canvas starring the lovely
Raven Digital Stamp Design. The background colour comes from Neocolor II crayons and the texture from a variety of items including pieces of flipflop and bubble wrap used as stamps. The tree with its canvas banner and keyhole plate is made from kraft paper, crumpled and inked. It's home to Raven's very own nest made from recycled burlap, bits of yarn, and other recycled treasure.
Bonnie Irvinehttp://www.artfuldigits.blogspot.com/
  Bonnie's second project is a 9"x12" art journal page with a mixed media background to showcase a very strange quirk of nature, the art tree. The Striped Forest Tree digital stamp printed on kraft paper and fussy cut became the bearer of the oddest black fruit: Shrunken Head 1 Digital Stamp is at the center of these pieces of fruit which grow suspended with baker's twine. Take a lesson from Snow White...even the raven knows that not all fruit is good for you!

  Lori Hairston

Lori has shown that even in a Hollywood Horror film True Beauty still exists. She has used the Bride of Frankenstein digital stamps and a vintage recycled posterof the 1935 Bride of Frankenstein film as a background to create this striking and captivating card. The Bride has been colored with copic markers and framed inside a black star which continues with the Hollywood theme. A yellow ribbon and a glitter spider complete the effect for some Halloween appeal. 

Lori Hairston
started with a blue envelope reclaimed from the trash at an estate sale and some green ledger paper from a monthly report. The beautifully coloured Raven Digital Stamp Design sits atop this vibrant background to remind us of what happiness is really all about. The reclaimed envelope now houses a mini book where Lori can record a "snapshot" of who she is at this point in time so that future generations may enjoy it.

Beverly Gotthardt
created this fabulous old 6"x6" shadowbox to remind us that life is, indeed, a jungle. The
Shrunken Head 3 Digital Stamp hangs like the trophy he is next to the shield and bones proudly displayed. The box itself looks like it has been exposed to the elements for a while thanks to some green paint and distress embossing powder. Beware of his recycled spidey friends and their sticky webs or you might become the next jungle trophy.

Paula Parker
created an electrifying card using the Bride of Frankenstein Digital Stamp as her focal for her first project. The background, so reminiscent of past romantic evenings and new beginnings for the Bride, is a fabulous photograph of electricity. When you hear that the Bride has a sparkling personality, they mean it!
For Paula's second project, she featured the Raven Digital Stamp. Raven seems quite comfortable perched on a recycled door hanger with pan pastel coloration. Recycled lace with the spiders and their webs embedded in it (tricky spiders) covers the door hanger, allowing the skeleton stickers behind to still watch for your approach through the black lace. Take special note of the sentiment...you have been warned.

Chris / CS Designs
I have been quite busy lately creating some new designs for Halloween and didn't have a chance to make a project for this challenge yet, but hopefully I will be able to add something soon.

In the meantime, I thought I would share something a little different with you. I have dusted the  cobwebs off of some of my animated mouse drawn pixel art from my very first CS Designs site back in 1997 and have added it here for your viewing pleasure. You will find several of my other Halloween animations scattered throughout this post. Hope you like them.

This month we also have the pleasure of a very 
Special Guest Artist

Lyn Brough,  otherwise known as BlackDragon, is joining the team for an entire month and sharing some of her very unique and inspiring projects with you.

Altered Halloween Raven Clock - Matchbook Memo Notebook

Lyn (BlackDragon)
has used  Raven Digital Stamp   as the centerpeiece of this amazing recycled clock. Raven is surrounded by her batty friends inside this spooky Halloween cat. But wait, there's more than just the hour minute and second hands on this clock....there's an extra one beckoning to you. Come join the good times!

Lyn's second project is a matchbook memo book made from recycled brown paper wrapping and school lunch money envelopes. Guarding the contents of the envelopes, and perhaps Lyn's secrets, are the gruesome Shrunken Head 1, 2, & 3 Digital Stamps. Look at those faces...do you think they offer Tricks or Treats??

For some more cool and spooky creations from BlackDragon, visit her website

The Designers are using the following designs by CS Designs this week

 Halloween & Haunting Apparitions Digital Stamp Collection

Look for the complete list of October Halloween 
Digital Stamps on our side bar on the left.


Striped Forest / Big Tree and Sentiments

We always love hearing what you think of our challenges and the examples we show you so please leave us a comment. Please don't forget to mention our Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent challenge, and include a working link back to our blog.

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