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Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent is a Companion Challenge blog for the CS Designs Digital Stamp Co, This is also a place for Paper-Crafters, Mixed Media, Collage and Assemblage Artist to share their artistic projects made with with recycled, throw way, & second hand materials. We look forward to seeing your fabulous projects and being inspired by your recycled art ideas and hope you will enjoy what we have to share with you as well.
Remember!!! ... We always allow Anything Goes but any project you enter Must Still Include Recycling, or be Re-Purposed or Re-Invented. Also Note: We will offer prized only when there is a special Themes and only those following the special theme will be eligible to be chosen as a Winner and receive a prize.

We will have Guest Artists on a rotating or returning basis. If you interested please write to Chris and send in your application.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent Challenge July 1-29 Must Recycle

July 1 - July 29 Always Anything Goes but Must Recycle:

Well, I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. In BC, we have been getting alot more grey days and rain than sunny ones these days, hopefully that will change soon but I hope it does`nt get too, too hot as I do not function really well when it does.

 I really can`t believe that is July already, where has all the time gone, still though the changing time does bring lots of new things and wonderful things and today Canadians are celebrating Canada Day and I hope everyone across the country has a very happy and safe holiday.  The US 4th of July is also coming up soon and I wish our American Friends all the best as well.

UPDATE: June's Top 3

I really enjoy visiting our entry blogs and seeing all the amazing projects, which I am sure you have guessed makes the job of choosing our Top 3 so very, very difficult. It was a really hard decision again but I did manage to choose my absolute favorites and here they are.

Top 3 Winners for June in order submitted

Pat #1
Rupa # 4 

Honorable Mention
Lou # 6

Special Recognition to
 a very young budding artist

Today I am also very excited to announce that our Returning Guest Artist for this month is Michele Storms` of Ink from the Well. I am sure you all loved what Michele created for us the last time she was here and sure you are going to love the project she created for us this time just as much.

 Michele`s project for this Month is a Beautiful Altered Harlequin Tin

I am delighted to be guest artist at the Doodle Artifacts challenge blog again.  It has been awhile since I've altered an Altoids tin so that it what I chose to work with this month.  The trick to altering an Altoids tin is lots of measuring, cutting and taking your time!   I use the tin itself to trace onto designer paper to get the correct sizes and then I carefully cut the papers and adhere them with mod podge.

The next step is again about patience while the freshly glued lid and bottom dry.  For the insides of the tin I still use the outside of my tin to trace the shape on paper but when I cut it out I cut a bit inside the traced line.  
On the top of this tin I’ve used a harlequin digital image and a lovely digital sentiment, both by CS designs.  The designer paper, border, flowers and enamel dots are my own stash items.

The bottom of the tin is covered in digital paper also from CS designs, the "spiral diamond" design which I printed on colored paper.

Although I carefully measured and cut various designer papers for the outside and insides of the tin, the sides of the tin are covered in washi tape -- very convenient as they are sized about right and stick well on their own.  Though I recommend using some Scor-tape under the washi tape to help it stay put long term.  I hope you will play along this month.  I look forward to visiting your blogs and seeing what you create!


 About Michele: I love love love to create and my favorite thing is collage.  Give me some pretty papers, some vintage images, some stamps (digital or rubber) and laces and ribbons, inks and glue and I am good to go.  A fellow crafter encouraged me to start blogging in 2010 and since starting my blog art from the well I have not looked back.  Though card making is always a favorite activity because they are easy to give away, blogging has gotten me to try many other things from ATCs to “moos” to “twinchies” to art journals to canvases and I’ve recently gotten interested in recycling, re-purposing and reinventing so it is an extra pleasure to serve as guest designer for the doodle artifacts blog!  Participating in swaps and challenges has helped me to grow as an artist.  On the personal side I have a busy day job, a husband and grown kids (a crotchety cat) as well as many community activities that mean a lot to me.  Creating things at my kitchen table spot gives me joy.  And since I love working with beautiful images and products I’m honored to work with the wonderful stamps from CS Designs. 

Thank you Michele, what an inspiration and I`m so glad you included a how-to. You make it look so easy and I can`t wait to try this myself. 
For  all of those of you who would like to Visit Michele and see what else she has to say about her project, please visit her blog Art from the Well.

Hope everyone will go check it out and thank her for sharing such a beautiful project. Happy Creating everyone and look forward to seeing the wonderful things you have for us this month.

Special Note to All Our Previous Winners, Please Read ... I just noticed that all the winners badges with the codes to place them on winning sites, somehow went missing from our Winners Page. (I am guessing with the last page update) Sorry about that, they are all back now so if one of your projects was selected as either Top 3, Honorable Mention or Special Recognition and you have not claimed your badge, please go Our Winners Page and claim it now. :) Chris / CS Designs

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recycle Re-Purpose Re-Invent June 8 - June 29 - Must Recycle

Our challenges are Always Anything Goes, but You Must Recycle:

As always, I am loving the fabulous art, everyone has been submitting to the challenges. It is always so inspiring to see the cool things you all create from simple throwaway items, and the art we have been receiving is incredible. Thank you all for such wonderful inspiration.

Although we still have a few Special Featured Guest Artists lined up in the months to follow, this month it is my turn to try and inspire you and hope you will all enjoy my piece.

A Big Congratulations to our Talented Winners:
Before I get to my project, I would like to Congratulate our Top 3 for April and May. Everyone's projects were top notch and it was really difficult to choose from such wonderful creations.  If your project was not chosen to be showcased this time around, please do not let this discourage you as all the projects submitted were well done and you will always have another chance if you continue to share your art with us.

Besides being listed here, you will also find Our Winners showcased on the sidebar. If you have not already seen these fabulous entries be sure to visit them as they are truly amazing. Because there were so many wonderful projects that caught my eye and I felt deserved to be recolonized, I have also added a few Honorable Mentions. Our challenge does not have an Honorable Mention badge, but you are welcome to display our Top 3 badge if you wish as they also made quite an impression.

Top 3 Winners for April

Honorable Mentions


Top 3 Winners for May

Honorable Mentions

Now for this months Featured Project:

I wanted my project to be really different from anything else you normally see around the web so this month I am sharing a project I have been wanting to create for some time and which comes from my own imagination and is inspired by some of the designs from my Doll Face digital stamp collections.

I hope you have enjoyed my little Altered Doll Book. You can find more photos and a bit about how I created my book on my


Featured Guest Artist Call


If you would like to be a Featured Guest Artist on Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent add FGA after your name for your entry.

If you would like a chance to have your artwork showcased on our side bar next month, your best chance is to play in our challenges and I look forward to seeing your creations. :) Chris / CS Designs

Time to admit I am sometimes a little overwhelmed:
I have been struggling with health issues for quite a while now and sometimes when I am not doing well, time gets away from me, which also includes things related to my art. This month's Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent challenge was a bit late and hope everyone will accept my most sincere apologies if this has caused you any inconvenience. This is especially true for our Winners, I am sorry it took so long to choose, but I wanted a chance to visit all your blogs and read all your posts before making the selections, and yes I always read your entire post, which also gives me a much bigger appreciation of the imagination and work that goes into your wonderful pieces.

You will find our Winners for both April and May at the top of this post as well as thumbnails showcased on the left sidebar. Thank you all for your patience and for continuing to play in our challenges. I am always inspired by the wonderful entries and as always I look forward to seeing your fabulous creations. : ) Chris / CS Designs

Hope you have enjoyed my project for this month &